Sunday, 27 May 2012

Happy Pentecost everyone! We had a super service at St Oswald's this morning and the children made me a wonderful Pentecost headdress. The band was on good form  - it's the first time we have heard the full band and they are excellent.  St O's is fortunate to have so many talented musicians.   We had a BBQ after the service and said goodbye to Ellen who is leaving to return to England to a job in Cambridge. We were thinking of our parishes back home and hoping that the United service at St Cuthberts and Seren's baptism went well.   I can't believe that next Sunday is our last in the parish - the time has gone so quickly and we have made so many new friends. It's been really interesting observing another parish in action - such a lot to think about. Tomorrow I go to the Diocesan Clergy Conference in the Barossa region - I come all this way to find that the main speaker is an English Bishop!

Graham and I  celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary yesterday with a morning visit to the seaside and a long walk on the beach - we are soooo going to miss the beach! Graham looks like he is researching for is sequel to the Lonely Planet....the Lonely Paddler.

After church today we drove up to Mount Lofty and despite the cloudy weather there was a great view over the city.  This evening we drove into the city ( first time we've done that at night) and went to the cinema to see The Avengers - now I am looking forward to an in depth conversation about superheroes with my 4 and 6 year old granddaughters who are experts on the subject.
We were thrilled to hear that Huddersfield have won promotion - but they made hard work of it! We being taken to 'the footy' next Saturday afternoon by an Adelaide Crows supporting family. We've been watching it on the telly ( there's loads of footy on every night - nothing else on by the way - the TV is awful) and in the parklands. To the uneducated like myself,  Aussie rules  appears to be a mixture of football, rugby and volley ball. It is played on a pitch so big that 3 referees are needed. 

Today marks the start of Australia's National Reconciliation Week. It is the 45th anniversary of  a  referendum which resulted in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples being recognised in the national census - and on 3 June  it's the 20th anniversary of the 'Mabo decision'  -  which legally recognised that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had a 'special relationship' to the land which existed prior to colonisation  - and still exists today.

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